Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twitter in Education

Example of Usage
I recently used Twitter with the assistance of my Assistant Principal at a conference which we were chaperoning. The conference was a Model United Nations trip to Washington, D.C. where close to three thousand students were participating and staying at the Washington Hilton. We used this Web 2.0 tool  to make announcements pertinent to the group (and friendly reminders about personal conduct), and to promote discussion and interest in what students were doing in their individual committees. Below are two examples of our twitter feed which were promoting student work and announcements for the group.

External Resources
  • This site provides 50 useful ideas on how teachers can use Twitter effectively in education.
  • If you are still skeptical about using Twitter for your classes please peruse the following website. There are articles and videos which not only make the case for jumping on the Twitter train, but also data which corroborates the usefulness of the tool.

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