Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glogster Examples and Resources

Below is an example of a glog created by a student. He included seven primary source documents, one video clip, six paragraphs which explain the content on his glog, and most importantly, his video summation of his research.

The following is my rubric and requirements for my students for the glogster project. I would love feedback as to what can be taken out or added.
All of the following requirements and graphics are to be appropriate to your topic. There are many opportunities for you to use topic-appropriate graphics which can enhance your project. Inappropriate graphics can detract from your overall work, and incorrect grammar and spelling will result in the deduction of points.  
1). At least 2 primary source newspaper articles/political cartoons by using scholarly databases to hyperlink to the article. These should be hyperlinked in your text box to further develop your analysis of the topic at hand. (5 points each=10 points) _____
2). At least one embedded video which is relevant and enhances your analysis of the topic. (5 points) _____
3). At least 5 relevant images with appropriate labels. (2 points each=10 points) _____
4). Accompanying paragraphs for each image or video posted (at least 6). This paragraph should explain to the user the relevance and importance of the topic(s). (5 points each=30 points) _____
5). A video or audio recording to conclude the research project. This conclusion should be comprehensive and a summation (not reading of sources/comments) of the topic. This will be a major part of your project because the nature of the program doesn’t lend itself to large amounts of text analysis per topic. (20 points) _____
6). Two critical thinking questions included in your submission email which will be answered by your class mates. (5 points each=10 points) ______
7). Correct MLA formatted citations at the conclusion of each paragraph/source which is used.
(10 points) _____
Total 95 points ______
This project will be due via email with the URL of your project, as well as your 2 comprehensive test questions for your classmates. This is due @midnight the day before we take the “glogster-quest”

Please see below for some further resources for using Glogster.

  • A great resource for using glogster in the classroom can be found HERE.

  • This blog contains many great resources for teachers looking into using glogster in their classrooms.


  1. You did an excellent job organizing the information in your blog. The screen shots and rubrics you included with the Glogster project made me want to try it with my students.

    Do you think the glog is itself the final product or does it lend itself more toward brainstorming for a formal, 5-paragraph essay?

  2. Wow! What a neat project! I think this project is an unique way to have your students not only research and organize information but also gain experience with different Web 2.0 tools!