Sunday, February 26, 2012

Collaborative VoiceThread Project

Above is an example of a VoiceThread project in which students were placed into groups of four to provide feedback on their projects. Each student was required to create their own VoiceThread project and to join a class group which I created. I divided the class into groups of four where they were responsible for watching and providing two comments or questions to each of their group member's projects. At the end of the project, the students told me that they were really excited about the ability to comment and critique their colleague's work outside of class. Many students told me that this allowed them to more freely share their true feelings than they would have felt comfortable doing in a classroom. The comments and questions offered by other students online were then addressed in class to provide further context from each project.

I think this project is not only a great way to incorporate meaningful technology into my curriculum, but the collaborative aspect of VoiceThread is what makes this technology so valuable for our students.
For your convenience, the two best examples of collaboration occur between :15-1:23 and 7:15-8:10 in the movie.

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